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The Sweet Thoughts of Sunny B.

I will forever reblog this gloriousness. The clothing budget on this movie was phenomenal…and worth it.

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One is in diapers and the other is a busybody. Both knew better than to trample through the sugar on the floor to sit on top of, beneath the vulva of the exhibit like Pat did.

Let’s forget, for a moment, the subject matter of A Subtlety. And think about plain good home training. You don’t go to any place housing any works of art and touch. 

You quietly observe.

You show respect.

You keep your hands to yourself.

You do not touch. 

And now let’s think (for days and days since visiting the exhibit) specifically about the subject matter and all of its tentacles. And to that I say again, 

It’s not yours to touch and 

You show some respect. 

what’chu wanna bet the person sitting down in this photo spent all kinds of time talking about how beautiful their experience was, w/o taking a moment to think about context, etc.

I had a similar experience while visiting this exhibit. The staff there said they had more problems with adults not knowing how to act then with the children. Then she thanked my son for being so well behaved. This was after a grown man was standing in the sugar trying to get a photo where it looked like he was holding up the breasts of the sculpture. (Don’t get me started on the looks I was giving his girlfriend taking the photo) It’s a sad day when small children have more respect for art then a grown woman.

" I’m excited that SDCC is so soon, but I’m nervous that I have no 100% guarantee for manny and iris! I don’t want to buy from a scalper but it looks like I’m going to have to 😭 "

It’s good he has you.

This irritated me. It’s like can richard please just have his happy ending?! Everything he went through and he can’t be happy?? He was so close, just let him have it!

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I’m so glad I had an extra fearleading cleo waiting! Positive thinking. She was waiting for this outfit. Lol. If you have a waiting doll, the clothes will come 😍😂

My clothing Holy Grail arrived today! I never thought I’d get the complete outfit for such a great price!! Thanks @jpopluvr1000 


Gorgeous 1930s ostrich plume caplet from PoshPorscha

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I was contacted by the marketing dept from Red Brick Brewery to create an original label mascot for thier Brother Leo brew.

Checkout the process images detailing how I go from loose sketch to final. 






Man Crush Monday:  Jason Momoa

Crush crush any day

man crush every day

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I may have been in the ER and the the dentist again within the last 12 hours but look who came as a pick me up!

Now I just have to get enough strength to get to target for the 5 pack! That won’t be happening today :(

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100% of people who tell you you’re too sensitive are saying it because they don’t want to be held responsible for your reaction when they mistreat you

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Awesome. Hugh Jack is the man

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