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Dolce Gabbana ss14 + hair colors | inspired by (+)

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When girls press their whole body against you when they hug, it means they like you a lot.

Also, they’re measuring your body to determine how long it will take them to eat your flesh, a technique they learned from the boa constrictor.

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<3 cute <3

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Me every single day of my life

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And yet, not.
#Ferguson #StLouisPoliceDept #CaughtInTheirLies #JusticeForMikeBrown


Sean Bean dies in everything because it’s the universe trying to correct the hole ripped in it due to the fact that his name doesn’t rhyme when it should

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I need these lol half of my mugs have paint on/in them

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Not Just Inconsiderate, It’s Illogical



BEAST by Scarlet Fever Footwear


Scarlet Fever Footwear by Australian designer Kira Goodey called The Tropical Collection. deliciously amazing footwear!!!

Sorry, not sorry for the overdose of shoes but I want them all #greedy

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Can we talk about how these would all be perfect for iris?! Scarletfeverfootwear


Let your footwear speak with a Carmen Miranda accent when you rock these Charlotte Olympia inspired wedges. A little bit of paint, a little bit of Sharpie and a lot of cha cha cha is all it takes to add a sweet and quirky accent to your heels. With summer coming to a close, there’s no reason not to go out with a tutti-frutti bang! 
To create the kiwi: Paint the wedge a bright green. Use a green sharpie to draw sunburst strokes around the top of the wedge. Draw another layer of sunburst strokes with a gold sharpie. Once dry, use a black sharpie to draw scattered seeds around the gold area.
To create the watermelon: Use a pencil to draw a 1/2” outline around the top of the wedge. Paint the wedge pink and the 1/2” area green. Once dry, draw seeds scattered across the pink area with a black sharpie
To create the pineapple: Use a pencil to draw a 1/2” outline around the top of the wedge; fill in with bronze paint. Paint the bottom area yellow. Once dry, use a brown sharpie to draw criss-cross lines across the yellow area. In the middle of the criss-cross diamond shapes, draw a tiny upside-down v-shape. Use a pencil to outline first for precision. Create a pom pom by gathering a bunch of green raffia, approx. 30 pieces 3” in length and tying another piece at the center of the bunch. Fasten excess on the center piece of raffia to the front strap of the shoe. Trim ends for a cleaner look. 
P.S. - to protect your masterpiece, spray the painted wedges with a sealer.